Intellectual Property Portfolio

AskBio has both licensed and developed a technology platform to support gene transfer approaches to treating diseases with unmet medical needs. This mature IP portfolio consists of over 35 issued patents, and also includes over 50 active patent applications. This platform includes BNPTM technology developed by the founders to allow for novel cell and tissue targeting and delivery paradigms.

  • These inventions include:

    • Chimeric BNPsTM

      Chimerics are unique from any traditional AAV, and allow for novel cell and tissue tropisms. Examples include the targeting or de-targeting of different tissues or cells sub-types, and the ability to target CNS cells via i.v. delivery approaches .

    • Dimeric BNPsTM

      Dimeric/Duplexed/Self-complementary AAV or BNP vectors contain modified genomes that overcome host-cell limitations that exists with standard AAV genomes. This technology results in faster onset of gene expression, and allows for the use of lower vector doses.

    • AAV receptor purification process

      This family covers the use of specific AAV receptors that can be used as purification ligands in the manufacturing and purification of rAAV vectors.

    • AAV use in conjunction with support matrices

      AskBio has licensed technology that allows for the use of AAV with support matrices, such as catheters, stents, and valves.

    • Therapeutic Transgenes

      AskBio has acquired or developed transgene technology targeting a range of therapeutic applications in the CNS, eye, liver, muscle, and other tissues

    • Regulated Expression System

      AskBio has licensed technology that supports the regulation of one or more transcription products in parallel via small molecule switching.

    • Manufacturing and Purification

      AskBio has licensed technology and know-how that allows for scalable manufacturing and purification of AAV, including a number of alternate technologies. AskBio has licensed scalable helper-virus free technology developed at various Universities. AskBio has licensed HSV scalable grade production technology developed at the University of Florida for use in the treatment of Duchene's Muscular Dystrophy, with options for other fields of use. AskBio has also filed IP around the use of non-mammalian production systems